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Medical marijuana

There are few subjects that can stir up stronger emotions among doctors, scientists, researchers, policy makers, and the public than medical marijuana. Is it safe? Should it be legal? Decriminalized? Has its effectiveness been proven? What conditions...

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THC vs CBD – The Major Differences

The difference between key compounds CBD and THC in cannabis is important when deciding which to use. They both have very different effects and uses that range from recreational to medically ground-breaking. CBD is the short form...

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Why is cannabis oil legal?

There’s often confusion around the terms ‘cannabis oil’ and ‘CBD oil’. CBD is in fact, the legal supplement that you’ve probably been reading about recently. There are questions around legality of CBD, it’s an oil that...

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What does CBD stand for? CBD stands for cannabidiol (can·na·bid·i·ol), an ingredient naturally sourced from hemp plants that are bred for nutritional purposes and contain only trace amounts of THC (see ‘What is CBD oil?’ for further information...

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